About This Project

Fahrrad 12 – The New Swiss Army Bike


4100 Bikes for the Swiss Army including a 10-year service level agreement.

The Swiss Army has a constant demand for Army bicycles to move their troops. The existing bike fleet, the Fahrrad 1905 and 1993 generate high costs for maintenance and no longer ensure todays safety standards. The project for the „Fahrrad 12“ comprises the delivery of 4‘100 Army bikes and over 10 years maintenance in total. Commercially available components were used for easy maintenance. The exceptions were the special frame and baggage carriers. The frame was designed to give the rider an ergonomic and upright position, regardless of body size and weight. With 15kg the new Swiss Army bike is also significantly lighter than its forerunners. All components were also chosen to cope with heavy loads and tough outdoor conditions.



  • 4100 Bikes
  • 15kg
  • over 10 years maintenance
  • special frame
  • baggage carriers

4100 Bikes