About This Project

E-Bikes for the University ETH in Zürich

The ETH Zürich was the first university in Europe with their own e-bike link.

In this test phase, ETH students can ride six e-bikes free-of-charge to the unversity locations „Zent rum“ und „Hönggerberg“, Zurich. The complete automated and intelligent bike sharing system can be used 24/7. The students can easily use the service by logging into the ETH-Intranet with their credentials. To release the bike, the students only need to hold their students ID card to the terminal and type in their chosen PIN code. «The new bike sharing system is a small, but a great contribution towards sustainable mobility solutions in the city of Zurich», Dominik Brem, Environmental Officer at ETH Zurich.



  • 6 E-Bikes
  • can be used 24/7
  • students ID card to release the bike