About This Project

Service Bikes for the City of Winterthur

32 Paper Bicycles and 40 e-Paper Bikes for the municipal employees in Winterthur.

The Design: „Paper Bicycle“ – a patented frame design with various special adaptions for public cycling operations. A unisex design with a low step-over main frame support using a steel frame with an integrated chain box. 26“ wheels with the innovative seemless internal hub shifter NuVinci (360% ratio) and Shimano Rollerbrakes. Hub dynamo and fail safe cabling and wiring. The bikes are also secured against theft using special safety screws and nuts. Sensor-controlled LED lights automatically turn on whenever needed.  These bikes were equipped with a GPS system that provides data to help optimize operations efficiency, maintenance and also to design city infrastructure.



  • 32 paper Bicycles
  • 40 e-paper Bikes
  • „Paper Bicycle“
  • unisex design
  • steel frame
  • 26“ wheels
  • integrated chain box
  • Shimano Rollerbrakes
  • fail safe cabling and wiring
  • secured against theft
  • Sensor-controlled LED lights
  • GPS system