Engineered to be shared.

Unlike many other bike sharing solutions, Velobility does not just take a consumer product and supplement it with additional components. Our bikes are originally engineered and built to be shared. Together with our strategic partners, we cover all relevant aspects of a successfull sharing scheme – durably and efficiently.


Cloud Integration

The advantages of Velobility’s “think inside the box” approach are particularly evident when it comes to software and network integration. Vehicle control unit, kickstand lock and electric engine are safely enclosed in the Ridebox® – and their technology is ready to be seamlessly integrated in your sharing system.


The beauty of the Ridebox® is not just about its inner values. Its shape and surface provide an attractive platform for branding and advertising. For a strong link between bike sharing and marketing, we can deliver our bikes in any colour and with any logo or slogan. Their longevity makes sure your investment pays off well beyond the lifecycle of a particular branding. To reduce rebranding cost, the Ridebox® covers and fork protectors can easily be replaced.

User Interface

At Velobility, we put great effort in making our bicycles and e-bikes easy to handle. The intelligence unit is open to any form of interaction. Depending on your (and your users’) preferences, the vehicle can be operated via RFiD, NFC, smartphone or with the help of a weatherproof keypad. Our aim is to make the user experience as smooth as possible. A good example is the automatic lock on our SwissFleet model.

Dock & Charge

Our proprietary docking and charging station is very easy for users to handle – and very hard for vandals to damage. Once docked, the robust construction makes sure that the bike remains in a stable position. And of course, Velobility solutions allow station-based, free floating and combined systems. We fully support standardisation and are a proud member of EnergyBus.

Electronic Lock

This function plays a key (!) role in bike sharing. With our SwissFleet Bicycle and E-Bike, we offer a unique solution which maximises usability and minimises the risk of theft: The electronic lock is integrated in the Ridebox and automatically activated by putting the bike on the kickstand. It can be deactivated either by entering a code on the weatherproof interface or contactless through user card or smartphone. And how about controlling the SwissFleet lock via fleet management? That’s possible, too.


With our know-how and experience, we assist clients in implementing their bike sharing system, and we train their service staff to enable effective maintenance and repair processes. If required, Verlobility can even offer you on-site service for basic maintenance activities – as we do for the Swiss Army, for example.

Fleet Management

Whether its route analysis, position monitoring, load management, power control or cost/pricing optimisation: Thanks to the GPS-based electronic intelligence unit and open technological platform, Velobility offers you attractive options to establishing powerful fleet management. Our interface is open to any existing fleet management application. We have also teamed up with strategic partners to offer tried-and-tested software.

Bike Sharing Projects